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Chocolate Hearts Cakepops

Chocolate Hearts are similar to cake pops. They are made using heart shape silicone mold with candy melts and filled with cake pop mix. These are very easy to make. I will be making a video tutorial on my youtube channel pretty soon and share the link here.  You can make your own heart pops for special occasions like Valentines day, party favors or wedding favors etc. The mold which I used (link below) can also be used to make hot chocolate bombs.  All you need is in below list and you can find links as well  * Baked cake of your flavor choice  * Buttercream of your choice  * Candy melts from wilton or any chocolate melts  * Heart shape mold  * Sprinkles for decoration  Chocolate Heart Silicone mold     Candy Melts       Sprinkles  
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Hot Chocolate Bombs Trend - Blog on my youtube video

Hot Chocolate Bombs and nice music is what you need for a cold winter day. There are  plenty of videos on youtube on how to make these chocolate bombs drinks so I am not making an additional video. But you can find some useful links below to shop for the molds I used to make these cute and tasty chocolate bombs. Find it on Amazon at We made two different flavors. Guess the flavors and comment below :)  Don't miss to watch my youtube short here to see how we enjoyed it.

Anatomy of a Cake

People ask us about cake sizes and servings suggessions, so we've created this guide to make things easy. All of our layer cakes are approximately 5” high and consist of 4 layers of cake sandwiched with 3 layers of filling.

How to Choose a Perfect Wedding Cake

How to Choose a Perfect Wedding Cake Mar 21, 2017 Sampling cake flavors and choosing from a rainbow of frosting colors make working with a cake designer a truly delicious task. To be sure you're just as satisfied with the end result, follow these steps. 1. Ask Around Begin your search for a cake designer about three to six months before the wedding—even sooner if you want an in-demand pro. Some bakers' schedules start filling up about a year in advance. Where do you begin your search? Word of mouth is the most powerful tool, says Jan Kish of La Petite Fleur, in Columbus, Ohio. Ask recently married friends and family members for their recommendations. Many caterers, reception sites, photographers and florists have favorite bakers. 2. Narrow the Search Most cake designers showcase confections they've created on their websites; you can also get an idea of whether you'll like their work from a phone conversation. Ask how they would define their style. Is it tradi

Ready to party?

Your kids birthday is coming up and you are so much excited to make it special. Its stressfull sometimes when you don't know where to start from. But don't let the stress ruin the fun. Make it easy and memorable at the same time with good planning. Here is some very useful information on how to plan for your party and how to order a custom speciality cake. I am also attaching below are some best printables I found online for Party Planner, Guest List, Party Checklist. Whether you are planning a birthday party for your child, partner or best friend, a key element of the celebration is the birthday cake! A cake is oftentimes the center of most traditional birthday parties. Everyone gathers around the cake, its candles are lit, the birthday song is sung, and the lucky birthday boy or girl blows out the candles to make a wish. It's a magical moment. The possibilities for birthday cakes are endless, so how do you pick what type of cake to order your loved one? Th

Why Do Custom Cakes Cost So Much?

Many people see pictures of custom designed cakes in magazines and on web sites. When it comes time for them to need a cake for a birthday, holiday, graduation or wedding they start their search for a baker who can make a cake that looks like a picture they have or make a cake that will match the theme of their party. Most people talk with their first baker a...nd get sticker shock when they find out how much their oh so desired cake will cost. They will then go to a hand full of other bakers trying to get a better reply when they ask how much their cake will cost. Then they are shocked after all the bakers are quoting around the same price. They can do one of three things. 1. Keep searching for a baker that has a much lower price, this baker will most likely be a part time baker with very little experience and the end result may or may not end up the way you want, its a coin toss. not to mention you are likely getting a cake that was made from a box with a "secret ingredient"