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Your kids birthday is coming up and you are so much excited to make it special. Its stressfull sometimes when you don't know where to start from. But don't let the stress ruin the fun. Make it easy and memorable at the same time with good planning. Here is some very useful information on how to plan for your party and how to order a custom speciality cake. I am also attaching below are some best printables I found online for Party Planner, Guest List, Party Checklist. Whether you are planning a birthday party for your child, partner or best friend, a key element of the celebration is the birthday cake! A cake is oftentimes the center of most traditional birthday parties. Everyone gathers around the cake, its candles are lit, the birthday song is sung, and the lucky birthday boy or girl blows out the candles to make a wish. It's a magical moment. The possibilities for birthday cakes are endless, so how do you pick what type of cake to order your loved one? This is where a professional cake decorator plays a big role helping you choose the perfect cake throughout the process I am going to discuss below. The cake can be ordered as early as 2 months as some cake decorators will be booked a month advance. Some decorators are ready to take last min cake orders based on their availability. its always better to plan early to avoid any dissappointments. While it may seem difficult, the cake decorators will help you to ensure you give the birthday boy or girl a cake they will love: Match the Party Theme If the party has a theme, the birthday cake will dazzle if it fits in with the overall decor. For your child’s safari-themed party, a cake decorated with lions, elephants and other safari animals is a perfect fit. On the other hand, a cake shaped and decorated like a wine bottle are great options for your spouse’s wine birthday party. Coordinate Colour Picking the right colors for decorations is essential to having a birthday cake that will please your guest of honour. A simple way to choose icing colors is to match them to your loved one’s favourite colors. Another option is to fit the colors into the party theme. For example, if you are throwing a party based on your son or daughter’s favourite sports team, the colors on the birthday cake should match the team’s colors. Consider Interests and Hobbies A fun way to get your kid excited about their birthday cake is to decorate it with their favourite superhero or cartoon character. And for adult interests, hobbies lend great inspiration to a birthday cake. So if you have a husband that spends hours fixing up old cars, why not get him a car-themed cake for his birthday? Whatever your loved one is into, a cake that incorporates their interests will make their big day even more special. Select the Flavor When selecting a flavor for the birthday cake, it’s important to choose one that you know the birthday girl or boy enjoys. However, if the birthday cake is for a child’s party, make sure to select a flavor such as chocolate or vanilla that you know most kids find appealing. And don’t be afraid to get creative with the flavors the cake decorator suggets. They are usually tested several times before suggesting to clients. I would like to know your stories both successful and failures in party planning. When I say failures I mean when you feel I wish I had planned it properly. I wish everyone good luck in their party planning.


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